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Should I relocate to Abu Dhabi for 30,000AED?


I just received a job offer in Abu Dhabi for 30,000 AED pcm. It has all happened quite fast and my confirmation likewise needs to be.

It is split as 60% salary and 40% allowances. Firstly, does this have any relevance as to final take home amount?

Me and my family (wife Protected content baby) have planned on moving from our current location in India to either the UAE or back to the UK. My wife and baby will follow after a couple of months.

I have looked a lot online and am struggling to decide if 30K is a good amount? We are looking for an improvement in our lifestyle (on where we are now) and ideally to save a little (although once my wife starts back at work we should be able to save more).

The question is, is 30K a decent amount to start off with in AD? The more I read, the more uncertain I am!

Additional benefits include family health insurance (which I have read is now mandatory), flights to AD intially, and all visa costs.

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