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Starting a Bowling League (Abu Dhabi)


Hi All,

Back in the UK, I used to take part in a couple of 10-pin bowling leagues weekly, but haven't been able to find anything out here other, than some of the Filipino leagues, which seem quite closed to other nationalities, and they are also far better bowlers than me and take it a bit seriously!

So, I was thinking of starting up an all-nationality, mixed gender, expat bowling league just for those who want to have some fun and perhaps network while you're there.
The format would be very simple, once a week, three members to a team (so if your team is larger, you can have weeks off and rotate players) bowling a series of three games each.
The team winning each game gets two points and there is a bonus two points for the overall highest series.

The league would also be handicapped, so that players of all abilities would have a chance of actively taking part and winning. It would be very much a social league, with the emphasis on just taking part and having fun.

Would anyone be up for this if I explored the possibility with Zayed Sports City?


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