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This weeks coffee will be... (Abu Dhabi) the Baquette in the garden area on the Cornich Protected content this Thursday 20 October. This local is brought to you by Lizz, she said this was one of her favorite spots to hang out. Richard and I had brunch there this morning.
You all have probably seen it before as your drive along the Cornich. It is that circular building hidden behind those trees. The Baquette is actually one of three restaurants in the building. There is a Lebanese place on top, the Baquette is on the bottom on the side facing the city.
Last weeks coffee was a great success, we had 14 so the conversation just flowed and we had a wonderful time. We are looking forward to another fine meeting, and for all of you shisha lovers...they have it here.
as always everyone are invited and feel free to bring your fiends. My cell is Protected content you get lost.

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