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Coronavirus (COVID 19) (Accra)

Dear Friends,

I like to know if event organizers and others are deciding to cancel their events due to the high risk for our health posed by the Coronavirus (COVID 19). Large gatherings events in this very time around the WORLD are a potential threat to our health.

I have not seen personally any clear advice from Internations HQ. However, [IMPORTANT] I add AT THE END AFTER *****>>>> some information, I've have obtained from my RESEARCH.

The Coronavirus is spreading quickly and is a lethal decrease. [WHO]
The seriousness and consequences of the Coronavirus need to be mentioned here.
Some guidelines are mentioned here.

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At present, the only appropriate actions available are avoiding close contact with other people and following strict hygienic rules.

Unfortunately, this Global Pandemic virus will affect everybody and many sacrifices have to be taken to help vulnerable members of our society the best chance of surviving past this Pandemic. Postponements today should result in better opportunities in the future.

Please stay safe and protect yourself and your beloved ones by avoiding social contacts.

Today's Message from Internations HQ :

Dear InterNations Consuls,

As the ongoing outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID Protected content making headlines around the world, we wanted to reach out to you about this situation.

Our mission of making expat life a great experience involves bringing people together from many countries and cultures. However, our biggest concern now is making sure that our members stay healthy and safe.

Since the situation varies greatly from country to country and even from city to city, we recommend that you closely monitor and follow the official guidelines of health authorities in your local area. The World Health Organization’s FAQS are also a great resource to refer to.

When it comes to planning and scheduling activities in your InterNations Community, here are a few guidelines you can share with members of your community in your activity posts and invitations:

Remind sick members to stay at home or avoid contact with others.

Kindly tell members not to attend an event if they have had contact with an infected person or visited a high-risk region during the past two weeks.

Encourage members to greet one another with a friendly wave rather than a handshake.

If you have serious concerns about hosting your activities, then please get in touch with your contact person from the Community Engagement Team.

On behalf of all of us at InterNations, our thoughts go out to anyone who has been affected or is in a community that has imposed restrictions on their daily life.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time and stay safe! <<<<<*****

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