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"I'd rather be whole than good" - workshop

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Took place 2 months ago
Wed 31 Oct 19:30 - 22:30

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Dear PDG members,

We have managed to pick a suitable topic for Halloween evening.
You are invited to join our next session over Shadow-work where we will explore our unwanted aspects and character traits and find their gifts and hidden messages in order to improve our lives.

After the two hour workshop there will be an opportunity to socialize and network among the participants.

"I'd rather be whole than good"

The title is a quote from the Swiss psychoanalyst, C.G. Jung, who coined the terms Persona and Shadow referring to aspects of ourselves that we intend to show to the world and others that we prefer to hide. Interestingly, the more we try to suppress certain traits the more they show themselves.

Do you sometimes find yourself acting in ways that are ‘out-of-character’ ?
Do you struggle with powerful surges of emotions such as anger or envy and cannot legitimise their causes?
Do you sometimes feel surprised by aspects of your personality?

We have a tendency to suppress or disown parts of ourselves that we reject as ‘indecent’, and collectively they make up our Shadow Self.

In order to lead a rich, full life, we want to bring the fullness of all that we are into the light and out into the world. Our shadow selves are not just those traits that we define as “bad”, they are also aspects of our personality that have simply receded into the darkness for a lack of awareness and understanding.

Our hidden sides are not readily seen by others or even ourselves, but they have a subconscious power over us nonetheless. They sabotage our relationships, or we miss out on success because we are not bringing our full selves to the table. We may also suspect that there is much more to who we are, but we don’t yet know how to be fully ourselves.

In this workshop you will learn to identify your shadow aspects and learn to embrace them. We will explore how to unlock the hidden messages behind our darker side and use it consciously and more beneficially in our activities.

When we shine the light of conscious awareness on these aspects of ourselves, the darkness not only loses its power over us, we free up vital energy and wonderful gifts that we may not even know we have.

The session will be interactive with practical tools and exercises that you will be able to use in your daily life.

Costs (covering the rent and a warm welcome drink):
- € 12, Protected content in advance latest 48 hours prior the event,
to Protected content
- € 18,- at the door in cash or late transfer (within 2 days before the event).

In order to secure your spot it is advisable to make the pre-payment timely.

Drinks (wine, beer, some soft drinks) can be bought after the workshop at the location for small change. Please make sure to bring some cash.

best regards,