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Exchange: Are we multi-dimensional beings in multiple realities?

Hosted by the Consul of the Paris Body & Soul Group
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Took place 2 months ago
Sat 26 Aug 16:00 - 19:00

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Are we multi-dimensional beings living in multiple realities – have you come across proof?

Let’s enjoy some time sharing our experiences in multi-dimensionality – whatever that means to you, however small or insignificant it may seem to you or others: everything that tells or even proves us that we are not just physical beings may be of value for exchange.

As for me:

Apart from the fact that multi-dimensional thinking has been normal for me for more than 20 years and I have many examples I can relate from my own training, life experience and healing sessions with my clients, I have recently come across something that I hadn’t heard of and that – among other things that you may bring in – I would like to share and exchange on with you:
The so-called “Mandela Effect”.

Have you come across the phenomenon that a mere fact you knew and something you were 100% sure of because you experienced it yourself and your memory is crystal clear, proves to be different?
There are currently more and more people who are experiencing this phenomenon and it includes facts like famous companies’ logos, spelling of famous people’s names, the dates of the death of VIPs … and I have two examples I have come across myself, which told me all my personal research on google and youtube – and there is a lot! – was not dealing with an illusionary context, but I have come across something very real.

I will give you my own examples before I tell you where to access more of them:
- An incredible amount of people remember Nelson Mandela’s death and his world-widely broadcast funeral with his weeping widow in the late Protected content or early Protected content and in some cases you find them mention that it was his wife who later became president of South Africa.
When I told this story in our last Paris Body & Soul group meeting, there was one among us who had the same memory as to his wife becoming president, not him. But in this participants’ reality timeline, Nelson Mandela died in Protected content , like for most of us, I suppose.
I personally remember that when Mandela was released from prison that I asked my mum whether this hadn’t just happened about four weeks before? I had been so sure I had seen it already, and was stunned she simply said no.
Are you one of those for whom Nelson Mandela did not live to be released from prison and to become president of South Africa? Or did his wife become president of South Africa for you?
Maybe this is the right meeting for you to exchange on that.
- When I went on Protected content and clicked on the link called “the Memories page” ( Protected content ) , I found one example about which I was stunned and happy at the same time, because I now had my own proof and could really join in the discussion among some friends that I was following:
My ex-girlfriend liked pop. Kate Perry was one of her favorites at the time she came out and got big. Noticed the speling? There was a day when I asked her if that is how she is spelled even though people would say [keiti:]. And she simply said that this was the case. It was such a small incident, but it really engrained itself in my brain, because I simply liked this funny little twist in the spelling of her name and I saw it everywhere: on the Internet and in magazines. (My ex brought home some of the popular magazines. She used to work in the fashion industry and Kate Perry was quite interesting to her regarding her outfits).
When I read that the normal spelling in my current reality was “Katy Perry” but many remembered it as “Kate”, I started asking people around me … I got both spellings and even a third and a fourth one: Katie [believe it or not, this is what my ex remembers today – our dominant consciousness was even in different realities at that time when we talked about this] and one with a double –tt- (I forgot to ask for the ending).
People have reported that proof of these other realities can be found on the Internet. I have just found mine. In several pictures on the www this is how she is spelled!
My inner question is: Did the author “Kate Perry” also exist as a famous writer in that reality where the pop singer is spelled like her? I do not know how to find out … as this is now becoming more and more difficult when realities begin to overlap and cross over …
- When I read that many people remember land masses being in different places – check out yourself if Australia, New Zealand is where you remember it –, borders had changed and cities were suddenly found in different US states, for example, a bigger island west of Australia had disappeared for several people who had known it had been there and can still be found on the Internet on several maps, even like on a globe in the background behind Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) in the famous very first sequel of “Friends” (type in “Mandela effect Friends globe” in google, and you will find even more on that topic), and there was so much more regarding land mass changes mentioned by many people on the web, I checked the map of Europe to see whether there was something to be found that I remembered differently.
And there it was:
What was Gibraltar doing attached to the Spanish mainland?? In my geography lessons at school it used to be an island rock in the middle of the Straits of Gibraltar. I remember that huge map clearly and the topic even popped up in some other lessons, History or Social Sciences … I don’t remember the full context – but we always talked about it being an island. So I asked around among the friends that I was in Hawaii with just recently. Some said “peninsula”, some said “Island”. And then there was the crucial one that proved I had been in a different reality timeline: I met a Franco-Algerian woman who had been to Gibraltar 5 times in her life … and it had always been an island, not a peninsula.
Wow ...
And only today (28/07/ Protected content found these links:Protected content

I have to say that reading and listening to a lot of spiritual channelings we are getting these days, I knew that this is the time when Earth and humanity would begin to become more multi-dimensional. So I somehow expected something like this to happen. But I have to say I did not expect it in THIS form in my lifetime. Here it is.

What are your experiences you could share with us?
Or would you just like to come and listen to some of these stories?
The Mandela effect is just one aspect where our multi-dimensionality is showing, and it is just something that I have come across recently. Maybe you can bring in something else we will all enjoy.

I am very much looking forward to a lively exchange!