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Rajat Bhatnagar

Living in Paris, from India

"As a new arrival in Paris, InterNations provided me with the chance to get in touch with other Indians and get used to life in Europe faster. "

Samantha Greene

Living in Paris, from Lebanon

"Meeting people from so many different countries in a convivial atmosphere is what I like best about our expat events in Paris. "

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Hello and Welcome to Our Friendly Expat Community in Paris!

Salut! Bienvenue and a warm welcome to our expat community in Paris! As a network created to help expatriates around the world, InterNations is here to assist you in overcoming the obstacles and difficulties of moving to a foreign nation.

A large number of expats in Paris have made use of the wonderful variety of resources InterNations has to offer while in the process of relocating to their new home. It's true what they say, there is safety in numbers, so why not take advantage of previous expats' experience? Join InterNations and find answers to all the questions you may have about moving abroad, such as "in which district should we live when moving to Paris?", "what areas are the least expensive?", "do I need to learn French to live in Paris?", or ʺhow is the overall safety in Paris?ʺ.

These questions and hundreds of others are expertly answered by our experienced members — they have been here before and are always delighted to help their fellow expats! InterNations unlocks the international community in Paris and aims to support you not only in reaching out to others like you, but also in fully enjoying the Parisian way of life. A fascinating cultural experience in all its varying facets, Paris is "a moveable feast" and will expose even the most open-minded expat to a variety of cultural delights from the decadent streets of 8th Arrondissement, to the rich cultural tapestry of art and history, from the bustling streets of Montmartre to the hip nightlife spread all across the city. Paris, je t'aime!

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More Information on Expat Life in Paris

You could live a lifetime in Paris and still leave much undiscovered. Spend your days wandering the museums of Paris — the famous Louvre is but the tip of the iceberg. After walking down the Seine, pop into Musee d'Orsay and see some of the world's greatest artwork, or after a busy afternoon shopping in Chatelet, take a walk over to Centre George Pompidou and see some of the world's most fascinating modern art.
If you're more into the great outdoors, get away from the city and visit one of Paris's parks just outside the city — a short journey on the metro. The picturesque Bois de Boulougne is the perfect escape from the busy city and a fabulous addition to expat life in Paris. The Parisian expat life wouldn't be complete without some of Paris's most famous exports — food and wine. Take a metro or walk to Pigalle and pick up some fresh produce from the market-like vendors, or dine in some of the world's finest restaurants or typical cafes. However, expat life in Paris isn't all about leisure.
Paris boasts one of the largest business hubs in the world, with many expats coming here to work in the business or financial sector, with great reward. Plus not only is doing business in Paris financially lucrative, but you can also take advantage of the regular InterNations Official Events in Paris — many offering free drinks and plenty of networking opportunities for like-minded individuals.

Improve Your Network of Fellow Expats in Paris

InterNations is a special community and our membership is by approval only, so that our guiding principles of trust, respectful behavior, and a positive and open attitude towards other cultures are upheld. This means that you have the opportunity to benefit from the community with the confidence of safety and security. Feel free to ask questions on any topic relevant to living in Paris — no matter how trivial you think it may be, someone else is probably wondering the same!

You can also ask our community about more difficult aspects such as social security or housing benefit paperwork. Furthermore, you might even want to get involved in one of the many real life events organized regularly in the Paris Community. Whether you live in Montmartre, le Marais, or le Peripherique, enjoy museum trips, cooking, or learning French, there will be an InterNations Group to match your needs and connect you with like-minded people. Keeping up with your hobbies and interests is one of the most important aspects of moving abroad and can also be the most difficult, much like making new friends and contacts.

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