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Past lifetimes – Experienced in the Here & Now

Hosted by the Consul of the Paris Body & Soul Group
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Took place 1 month ago
Thu 19 Oct 19:00 - 21:30

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Come and share, or simply listen in … there is so much to find out about who we really are beyond this lifetime just as beyond this timeline (see last event).

My story in “short”:

Brigitte always started laughing as the first when her family’s Czech relatives made a joke. Brigitte was a 15-year-old multiply disabled girl. On one of these days when her family – her parents, her younger brother and sister – were on a visit in Prague, her mum asked her:
“Do you understand what they are saying?”
“Yes,” she typed on a laminated paper with a drawn PC keyboard. She had started this so-called 'facilitated communication' just the year before.
“Why do you understand their language?”
“I remember former lifetimes in Germany, Great Britain and Czech Republic.”

In the course of the next weeks, we found out more about her memories. And she did indeed understand these languages, without ever having learned them in this lifetime. And she told us who and where we had been together during World War II. This had indeed been my most important question at the time when, from the age of 16 on, I started considering the possibility that I had lived before.
I was now roughly 21, had experienced my first past life regression just a year or two before, had dived into the literature by Ian Stephenson, a scientist from the University of Virginia writing about very young children’s memory about their past lives and how their very special knowledge of the lives they claimed to remember could be proven, and I was now in for more info via a disabled girl I knew well and who proved to be pretty aware of her personal history on the planet. And she now confirmed why I had felt so much at home during the half year before, while I had been living in Prague. Czech Republic had been my home, too, in the lifetime before this one.

In the course of the years, I learned that this very first past life regression had been surprisingly accurate. Among two other lives, I had seen myself running a small company – just me and a partner – in London of around Protected content . I stepped back more and more and my partner slowly took over. I died young. That was all. About six years later I had a flashback and saw myself printing poetry of that time in my printer’s shop in London. Wow, that explained why, all of a sudden, at the age of 18 I had started writing long rhyming poetry … almost every day, especially at night. And 19 years after finding out the first thing about this lifetime, I met a 21-year-old Pennsylvanian who told me my story from his perspective. I had found my former business partner.

In the almost two decades in between those events, going back to past lifetimes had become easier and easier. The intention was enough, and I could feel into my own experiences as well as those of others, very often receiving confirmation in some way or other. Though it always surprised me, I became used to a pretty good accuracy. And I enjoyed it.

Before I went to Hawaii for the first time in Protected content , I could already see some of these pictures come in from a time in Lemuria that was 30,000 years ago. I have meanwhile found out that this was correct. It was confirmed by two other mediums known world-wide. Besides, I lived 4 times in Polynesia, twice of which were in Hawaii. Once 5,000 years ago. At that time, my wife was there with me, and our daughter. We were all three reunited this lifetime, with our daughter being born on October 3rd last year, Germany’s Reunification Day of Protected content . I am half German.
How do I know all that for sure?
As we are becoming more and more aware that realities are overlapping - we talked about this last time in the course of the Mandela Effect discussion - and all of the parallel realities in fact being present at the same time, the “former” realities at some point started being present for me in the Here & Now just as well, with their energy also always being present and dealt with.
There is so much more that I could tell and talk about. But why only me?

What is your story? What have you got to share? Or do you simply want to listen to find out how you can feel into all your lifetimes and realities?
Come around and exchange with us. I am sure you have a lot to give and share that is of value to others, be it major or minor in your perception, or just your presence – the intention of being there for whatever reason is enough for some precious moments together.

I so much look forward to meeting you and exchanging with you!