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DNA New Year Celebration & Self-Discovery

Hosted by a member of the Houston Culture Quest Group
Culture & Entertainment
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Starts in 4 weeks 1 day
Wed 12 Sep 07:00 - 10:00

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Hi Gang,

This is a very special event and one that is appropriate for the challenges facing Houston today.


I have been fortunate enough to have engaged with Bennett Greenspan, CEO and Founder of Family Tree DNA, and Suzani Asmiashi, Owner and Founder of Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant, to plan a private special event regarding self-discovery.

In short, we will be hosting a DNA celebration on Tuesday, May 22nd from 7pm Protected content .

This party will involve a series of steps in which we will have up to 40 individuals sign up to participate in doing a DNA assessment through a special project with Family Tree DNA at a discounted price of $59+tax.

As part of this, the DNA tests can help you find family, break through brick walls and trace your lineage through time. We will uncover aspects of your heritage and find out where your ancestors came from (versus where you may think they came from). Map ethnic and geographic background, Gain insight into ancestral origins and Confirm family history and traditions. They may even be able to put you in contact with your closest genetic matches.
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To address some questions in advance:

1. Your information is yours, it will not be shared with the government, or Beth insurance companies, or life insurance companies or Pharma companies and will remain private except as discussed in the DNA celebration (assuming you choose to participate).

2. You and you alone will own the RAW files so you may destroy them, submit them to third parties for medical assessments, etc.

3. This is not a commercial effort, and is strictly a chance to engage in a journey of self-discovery of where you come from and the ties that bind us. I will receive nothing other than the joy of having you join me in this journey.

4. The kits will be available for pickup and use at certain times and places which I will announce periodically throughout the month of October here as "pre-DNA" cheek swabbing parties (NOTE: it is important not to eat, drink, smoke, brush your teeth, chew gum, or use mouthwash for at least 1 hour before taking the samples. When a cheek swab is used, the majority of cells from which the DNA is extracted are epithelial cells from the cheek; in contrast, the majority of the cells analyzed in the saliva sampling methods are white blood cells that are found naturally in saliva, rather than epithelial cheek cells.). The first "pre-party" will occur at Lucy Ethiopian at 8pm on Tuesday, October 10th. More opportunities will come.

5. We will collect everyone's results in October and compile the information to put together a very exciting plan.

6. The event will be filmed and we will be inviting journalists (TV/Print to attend).

7. The event will be a private event and Suzani has graciously agreed to provide her restaurant as the venue for free.

8. You can also Transfer your National Geographic Genographic Project results to Family Tree DNA for FREE to find your relatives and get additional insight on your ancestral origins.
Protected content Lucy is the common name of a specimen of A. afarensis, a direct ancestor of modern day humans whose ancient bones were discovered in the town of Hadar in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia's Afar Depression. Lucy is estimated to have lived 3.2 million years ago and is the first homonoid skeleton to be discovered. She is the missing link in the evolutionary spectrum showing the deep roots of our species in the African continent. I thought it would be apropos to host this event there as its namesake is synonymous with the cradle of civilization.

The party will involve a series of activities, discussions, guest speakers, media and music afterwards.

The focus will be on discovering more about ourselves and the ties that bind us as people, as a community and more.

I will post more information about this event as it evolves (much like or evolving DNA but on a shorter time frame 8-).

The first step will be to sign up and then purchase your DNA kits which I will make available at various opportunities throughout the month of October.

I invite you all as friends and family (in ways you can only imagine)...and hope you can join me in this journey of YOU.