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The Merchant of Venice - IN ENGLISH

Hosted by the Consul of the Rome Art Galleries and Studios Group
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Took place 1 month ago
Sun 14 Oct 17:30 - 21:30

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THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Text in the original language
"C'eraunama in Belmonte, heiress of great-greatness, and beautiful, and that one is more beautiful, marvelously full of virtues ..." ... "

In co-production with The Bedouin Shakespeare Company

Two worlds collide in the Merchant of Venice:

Venice: the financial heart of the Western world, pulsating, ruthless, frenetic, dissolute. A world of business, commerce, agreements, businesses, risk, contracts, laws, merchants and merchandise. A city of excesses, extravagance, riches and straights that coexist alongside bankruptcy, despair and ruin. Belmonte: A world enchanted with music and magic. Land of beauty, of starry nights, of charm. A fairytale world where the beautiful Porzia could be conquered if her courageous suitor, led by a superior power, will choose, during a ritual, the right one among three chests.

What happens when these two worlds collide? When does magic meet business? When the truth and justice of the universe meet the rigid laws of human contracts? When does Belmonte arrive in Venice in the form of Porzia disguised as a lawyer? When Venice arrives in Belmonte in the likeness of Bassanio, a young man of high hopes, a pretender of Porzia, and of the fugitive lovers Jessica and Lorenzo? Will Porzia succeed in bringing a greater sense of justice and equity into the deadly legal battle that in a fury between Shylock and the merchant Antonio? Can Belmonte help the empty and sad Antonio find peace, meaning and fulfillment?

Through the ritual of the caskets, the careless Bassanio, spoiled, manipulative and irresponsible, can find a more serene, authentic and profound sense of self-esteem and love? And Nerissa, the maid of Porzia, will succeed in helping the fiery and irrepressible Graziano to understand that we can have a less conflictual and aggressive approach to life? Will the two young Venetian lovers - the egocentric Jessica and the idealist and romantic Lorenzo - discover the possibility of a closer and deeper relationship in the dark starry night of Belmonte? Let yourself be transported by Shakespeare and the Bedouins on a journey full of music and intertwining.

Dove Venezia e Belmonte si scontrano, e quanto ne deriva è un profluvio di rischi, vendette e danze.
La Bedouin Shakespeare Company è felice di partecipare ancora una volta alla stagione teatrale del Silvano Toti Globe Theatre nella lingua di Shakespeare, rispettando la tradizione di chiudere la stagione festeggiando i quindici anni del teatro.

The Bedouin Shakespeare Company
“In Belmont is a Lady richly left,
And she is faire, and fairer then that word,
Of wondrous vertues…”
In The Merchant of Venice, two worlds collide.

Venice: the beating, cut-throat, frantic, vicious, financial heart of the western world. A world of business, trade, deals, enterprise, risk, contracts, law, merchants and merchandise. Extravagance, riches and overindulgence existing, side by side with bankruptcy, despair and desolation. Belmont: An enchanted world of music and magic. A land of beauty, starlight and romance.

A fairy-tale world where the fair Portia could be won if her brave suitor, guided by some higher power, chooses the correct box in the ritual of the three caskets. What happens when these two worlds meet? When magic meets business? When is the law and justice of the man? When Belmont comes to Venice in the form of Portia disguised as a lawyer? When Venice comes to Belmont in the form of Portia's hopeful young suitor Bassanio, and the runaway lovers Jessica and Lorenzo Can Portia bring to bear to greater sense of Justice and fairness to the deadly legal battle between Shylock and the merchant Antonio? Can Belmont help the empty and sad Antonio to discover peace, meaning and fulfillment? Through the ritual of the caskets, can the reckless, self-indulgent, manipulative and irresponsible Bassanio find a calmer, truer and deeper sense of self-worth and love? Will Portia's maid Nerrissa help the fiery and unrestrained Gratian realizes it can be less confrontational and aggressive approach to life? The two young Venetian lovers - the self-absorbed Jessica and the romantically-idealistic Lorenzo, discover and believe in the dark, the starlit Belmont night, and let Shakespeare and us take you on a journey, filled with music and intrigue.

Where Venice and Belmont collide and the spillages of risk, revenge, and a little bit of dancing fill your cup. The Bedouin Shakespeare Company are honored to be part of the SilvanoToti Globe's season once again, especially in this 15 year anniversary of the Globe's existence here in Rome. We love our collaboration and the traditional year of closing the season in Shakespeare's original language is one we value greatly.