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Brandon Le Clerk

Living in Italy, from South Africa

"What I really love about InterNations? Making new business contacts and friends in real life. This is a unique plattform."

Li Wang

Living in Italy, from China

"At my first InterNations Rome Get-Together I met more expats then expected. InterNations made is so easy to settle in."

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Welcome to the InterNations Community of Expats in Italy!

Ciao and welcome to our InterNations expat communities in Italy. InterNations has been developed to give expatriates in different places around the world all the help and advice they need to settle in a new country and make it easy for them to make new friends and contacts in their new location. With the help of the community you will be able to find your way through the obstacles of moving abroad. Many expats before you in Italy have made use of the variety of resources available on InterNations while adapting to a different way of life. When you join InterNations, you can search for answers to the questions you may have on your mind, such as, "how good is the healthcare system in Italy?”, “how do I go about securing somewhere to live long term?”, “in what areas should we live when moving to Rome?”, or “how about the overall safety in southern Italy?”.

Through our guide articles and forums, you can find the answers to all these questions and more. Many expats settle in the big cities of Rome and Milan to work, while those seeking a relaxing retirement might choose the more rural areas and enjoy the fabulous and bountiful Italian countryside. InterNations will help you make the very best of Italy’s international community, either through one of our many events where you can meet members in person or simply by answering questions through the online forums. We want to give you a full understanding of the Italian way of life, La Dolce Vita!

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Find and get to know like-minded expatriates residing in Italy, their partners and families.

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Obtain trustworthy advice and local insight from fellow members in our Italy expat forums.

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Learn More about Being an Expat in Italy

Italy is famed for its beautifully picturesque landscape. From the famous slopes of the snowy Alps on its borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia in the north to the sun-kissed blue sea of the Mediterranean in the south, it will enchant you every step of the way. Italy has something for everyone and often tops the lists of most desirable locations for travelers with a sense of adventure, as well as a penchant for culture. The largest proportion of expats who currently reside in Italy have chosen to do so because of the employment opportunities that it offers to international workers. Many different industries thrive across the country. Italy is the world’s sixth-largest manufacturing country, with activity mostly clustered around several industrial districts. The automotive industry in Italy is world famous thanks to the brilliant red Ferraris and sleek white Lamborghinis and it is an industry now dominated by the famous Fiat group. Italy has the eighth-highest standard of living in the world, and being an expat there will have great rewards.

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Each InterNations member goes through a careful approval process and respects our guiding principles of open communication, helpfulness, and embracing differences. At InterNations, nobody stands alone! Honesty, respectful behavior, and a friendly and welcoming attitude are therefore required components of the InterNations community. For new members, this means that you will feel safe and secure when interacting with fellow expats online and offline. Ask them anything that is on your mind about your new home and life in Italy. You should also keep up with your hobbies and joining one of the many real-life groups organized regularly in your community is a great way to do just that. Whether you live in Rome, Milan, or Venice, there will activities that interests you. Italy has a rich cultural heritage in opera and cinema, a famous wine and culinary tradition and all of these interests can be developed with fellow expats in one of our groups. It's easier to adjust to life abroad if you continue taking part in your favorite activities after your move. You can also attend our larger community-wide social events to meet expats and global minds from around the world. Join InterNations now to start living like a true Italian with the help of the community of expats available at your fingertips!

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