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Ciao and welcome to our InterNations expat communities in Italy. InterNations has been developed to give expatriates in different places around the world all the help and advice they need to settle in a new country and make it easy for them to make new friends and contacts in their new location. With the help of the community you will be able to find your way through the obstacles of moving abroad. Many expats before you in Italy have made use of the variety of resources available on InterNations while adapting to a different way of life. When you join InterNations, you can search for answers to the questions you may have on your mind, such as, "how good is the healthcare system in Italy?”, “how do I go about securing somewhere to live long term?”, “in what areas should we live when moving to Rome?”, or “how about the overall safety in southern Italy?”. Through our guide articles and forums, you can find the answers to all these questions and more. Many expats settle in the big cities of Rome and Milan to work, while those seeking a relaxing retirement might choose the more rural areas and enjoy the fabulous and bountiful Italian countryside. InterNations will help you make the very best of Italy’s international community, either through one of our many events where you can meet members in person or simply by answering questions through the online forums. We want to give you a full understanding of the Italian way of life, La Dolce Vita!

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you are moving to another country or going on a business trip somewhere — our communities around the world are there to make you feel at home wherever you are. Feel free to check out our vibrant InterNations Communities in countries like Malaysia or Qatar.

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Living in Italy: Your Questions, Answered

If you're considering a move to Italy as a new or soon-to-be expat, you may be curious about what life will be like in this captivating country. To help you get a better understanding, we've answered seven common questions about living in Italy. For more specific questions or to share your own experiences, consider joining InterNations, a community of expats who love to support each other.

1. Is it necessary to speak the local language?
While many Italians speak English, particularly in tourist areas and larger cities, learning Italian will greatly enhance your experience in the country. Being able to speak the local language will help you connect with locals, navigate daily tasks, and fully immerse yourself in the Italian culture.

2. What are the average rent prices in popular expat locations?


  • Single-room flat: 700–1,200 EUR (790–1,350 USD) per month
  • Three-bedroom flat: 1,600–3,000 EUR (1,800–3,390 USD) per month


  • Single-room flat: 800–1,400 EUR (900–1,580 USD) per month
  • Three-bedroom flat: 1,800–3,200 EUR (2,030–3,610 USD) per month


  • Single-room flat: 600–1,000 EUR (680–1,130 USD) per month
  • Three-bedroom flat: 1,300–2,500 EUR (1,470–2,820 USD) per month

3. How safe is Italy for expats?
Italy is generally a safe country for expats. However, it's important to practice common-sense precautions, such as avoiding poorly lit areas at night, being cautious with your belongings, and staying informed about local security updates.

4. How does the healthcare system work in Italy?
Italy has a public healthcare system called Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), which provides free or low-cost healthcare services to residents. Expats with a residence permit are eligible to access the SSN. Private healthcare is also available, offering shorter wait times and more specialized care. Many expats choose to have private health insurance to access private facilities.

5. How can I open a bank account in Italy?
To open a bank account in Italy, you will typically need to provide identification (such as a passport), proof of address (such as a utility bill), a tax identification number (Codice Fiscale), and a valid visa or residence permit. Some banks may require additional documentation, so it's a good idea to check with the specific bank you plan to use.

6. What is the cost of living in Italy?
The cost of living in Italy varies depending on the location, with larger cities like Rome and Milan being more expensive than smaller towns and rural areas. Housing, food, and transportation are relatively affordable, but imported goods can be more expensive. As an expat, you can expect to live comfortably on a moderate budget.

7. Can I drive with my foreign driver's license in Italy?
Foreigners can drive in Italy using their foreign driver's license for up to one year. After that period, you'll need to obtain an Italian driver's license. This process may require taking a driving test, depending on your nationality and the type of license you hold.

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Jun 13, 2024, 10:00 AM
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A golf tournament (for golfers with hcp only. Tee time at 10.12 hrs), followed by a lunch at the golf restaurant (open to all) at 13.00 hrs. International and Italian beginners are very welcome to joi
Jun 13, 2024, 8:00 PM
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The location's spirit is the '50s, the food is Granny's style. The meat/fish/veggie balls are juicy and tasty, no rival! And if you just come for the company there are some other dishes to enjoy. We w
Jun 13, 2024, 8:20 PM
6 attendees
Language: English with Italian subtitles Kind of kindness is Yorgos Lanthimos’ latest achievement, a triptych fable following a man without choice who tries to take control of his own life, a policem
Celebrate a great Summer Friday Night ! Old and new friends are getting together and waiting for you at La Salumoteca: Entry Fee is 14 Euro and will be inclusive of : one drink of your choice, a first

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Italy is famed for its beautifully picturesque landscape. From the famous slopes of the snowy Alps on its borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia in the north to the sun-kissed blue sea of the Mediterranean in the south, it will enchant you every step of the way. Italy has something for everyone and often tops the lists of most desirable locations for travelers with a sense of adventure, as well as a penchant for culture. The largest proportion of expats who currently reside in Italy have chosen to do so because of the employment opportunities that it offers to international workers. Many different industries thrive across the country. Italy is the world’s sixth-largest manufacturing country, with activity mostly clustered around several industrial districts. The automotive industry in Italy is world famous thanks to the brilliant red Ferraris and sleek white Lamborghinis and it is an industry now dominated by the famous Fiat group. Italy has the eighth-highest standard of living in the world, and being an expat there will have great rewards.

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