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Housework employees looking for jobs (Addis Ababa)

Hello Addis Ababa,
I wanted to connect 7 of our staff members with potential employers, as my family and I had to leave Addis in a haste. I will write briefly about them here, but if you are interested in hiring one or more of them, send me a message and I will reply with their full recommendation letter as well as their contact information.
1. Our exceptional cook, was equally proficient in cooking European as well as Ethiopian dishes (plus Indian & Chinese). Working with English-language recipe books, she was able to turn out high-quality and delicious meals, always considering any comments we made (which was hardly ever). Her cakes and desserts were also outstanding and varied. She made finger foods and more for large parties, working tirelessly to ensure that everything was ready on time. Her English language competence is very good - spoken and written. What stands out is her cleanliness, displaying a high degree of awareness for food hygiene as well as her impeccable manners and reliability. Having young children of her own, she was always extremely friendly and accommodating to ours, often including them in the baking process.
2. Our excellent housekeeper, equally proficient in cleaning as in taking care of laundry (her ironing is impeccable!). She took care of her chores diligently, needing little direction, and ensuring everything was completed before departing. Her spoken English is very good. What stands out is her trustworthiness, dependability and competence, also in supervising other employees as necessary. She was always punctual, very well mannered and took pleasure in her work. When we were away on holiday, she took responsibility for the house. Having a young child of her own, she is always extremely friendly and accommodating to children.
3. Our highly dependable driver’s practiced ease with the car, and meticulously careful driving enabled us to entrust him with driving our children to school and back independently. He also drove the cook to do her shopping, and willingly undertook various errands, including our car’s maintenance appointments. When driving us to the airport, we entrusted him with bringing back the car to the house and giving the keys to the housekeeper or guard. He is extremely good with children and very accommodating, was never once late for work, always arriving earlier than required. His English language competence is good, has impeccable manners and is extremely helpful with around the house tasks.
4. Our highly reliable gardener did more than just gardening, he’s also a skilled electrician, plumber, and general handyman with various collections of his own tools. If we had a broken water pipe, generator, lock, etc. and we called him, he would immediately be on his way, without fail. He goes to shops in Mercato, etc. to buy the necessary equipment and fixes problems usually same day. He is very polite and speaks enough English to communicate with you problems and fixes.
5. And finally, our 3 guards worked for us on rotation through a security company for 3 years. Because of their underwhelmingly low salary (which we subsidised), unadjusted-for inflation, etc. they expressed to us that they would accept an opportunity to leave their company and work privately. During their time with us, they all went above and beyond their guarding duties, undertaking various tasks according to their different skills, strengths and responsibilities. I would be happy to send you their individual recommendations, but the qualities I can assure you they have in common is: all highly reliable, honest, hard-working, trustworthy, kind and always willing to go the extra mile.
Thank you & stay well!

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