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    At the InterNations Events, I didn't only enjoy dancing the night away at some great venues, but I also got to know some great friends.

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¡Hola! and welcome to your InterNations Community of expats in Alicante. With InterNations, you can meet expats both online and offline and get useful tips to help you with your move. Here you'll find all the essential information you need to take the worries out of relocation and build a new life in this busy port in Valencia. From the initial preparations to joining the workforce and making new friends, InterNations provides a library of resources to remove as many obstacles as possible. Look at our detailed guides and advice to find answers to your questions such as, "how do I apply for a work permit?" and "what education options are available?". We also strongly encourage you to visit our excellent forum where our friendly fellow expats are always ready to answer your questions and address your concerns. Remember, they've navigated this sometimes confusing process before, so pick their brains and learn from their experiences as you forge ahead to start your own adventure in Alicante.

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Vibrant Nightlife and Water Sports in Alicante

As a lively resort on the beautiful Costa Blanca, Alicante's main industry is tourism — hospitality, bars, restaurants, activities, and excursions all targeted at tourists provide reliable seasonal income. Public administration also plays an important role with the EU's Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market providing employment to a large number of workers living in and around Alicante. There is a large university to the north with around 27,000 students where expats with the right experience may find a path into the job market. With all the trappings of a popular tourist destination, from parties and theme nights at local bars, to watersports, nature excursions, fishing, or simply enjoying the pleasant climate while relaxing on one the many sandy beaches, expats are able to take full advantage of the huge selection of activities available.

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With InterNations you are warmly invited to attend our regular events where you can meet fellow expats already in Alicante and start making new friends in person. We understand that it's difficult to meet people in a new city and so we encourage you to come along and meet fellow global minds to socialize, network, and have fun. Our members hail from all over the world and you are part of our talented community. Don't forget to also check out our InterNations Groups where you can find like-minded expats to meet up with and share you interests in cinema, culture, sports, and quiz nights.