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Customer Service – Bars and Restaurants. (Alicante)

Spain doesn't have a culture of customer service and especially in restaurants and bars because in order for customer service to exist there has to be accountability, a feed back loop, if you will. There has never been accountability for historical reasons and that thinking still rumbles on and customer service is not expected nor demanded by the people.

Education levels are low which of course, was a deliberate policy by the old regime and not changed by the 'new old regime(s)' because it's expansive and there's little taxes gathered, this restricts employment opportunities.

Into this, the demise of the construction industry which brought many workers in to the mix looking for different jobs and occupations – however, the skills needed in the construction industry are not necessarily transferable to the catering which is in most other EU member States a customer service industry. So, add this and the genuine absence and expected customer service you get what we find in Alicante and here they excel in this.

Soho Mar

Soho Mar is located to the left of the Marine next to the old 'fake' ship. The location is great being elevated and looking out over the Marine.

The drinks are expensive but you are paying for the location and the comfortable sofas, I had/have being going there for nearly a year even longer and certainly easily would have spent well over € Protected content 40 weeks x €15 = € Protected content . Their service even to a 'regular' who had spent 'big bucks' was at best indifference but like a fool I always tipped the lack of service because I liked the location. (and I hadn't wised up to want was happening here)

I recall being sat with a friend at a table and ordered drinks – then we moved to the next table out of the Sun. The waiter then came 'running' up and shouted at me saying “it is forbidden to move”! I couldn't believe it, not only was I embarrassed in front of my friend and the other people around but I had been a good customer and tipper but for them, I was a nobody not a valued customer which just amplifiers – if you are not family or friends then you are of no consequence.

All he had to do was use the function of the computer cash till and move the table – I wouldn't have even known and no fuss and normal customer service. But no, that's not how it works at Soho Mar nor in Alicante.

Notwithstanding, the lack of customer service culture here, it is further compounded by the fact that the owner or manger is a sour miserable individual and of course, his management style will be echoed by the other staff, to fall into what is not only his but Alicante's norm.

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