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Dear Expats Community,

I was in Amman in July to work for the non profit organization East & West Center. On my journey I got to know Isam Nazzal, a German guy from Berlin with a Jordanian passport who lives in Amman since 2 years and tries deeply to survive by offering tourist tours. Since the situation in the Middle East went worser this year, less tourists are coming to Amman from which his income is suffering a lot. The hostel where he was living since some months for 7 JD per day throw him out because he cannot pay the rent anymore. He urgently needs a job with a stable income. As I'm back in Europe, I try to help him from here.

About him personally, he can speak German and Arabic fluently and knows Amman and the surroundings inside out. He can organize tours for cheap prices from 1 to several days. In Germany he successfully sold cars. In fact he can sell everything but unfortunately can not effort the Protected content to start as a self-employed in Amman. He is a very funny guy who brings people to laugh in every situation. Especially German speaking people love him because of his open mind and original Berlin humor. You can see a photo of him and me on my profile picture (I'm the redhair guy).

Please, if you want to get to know Isam better because you have maybe the opportunities to get him a job, contact me per mail at Protected content or post your tips under the thread. Isam needs your help.

Many thanks in advance,

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