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Movinh soon to Amman looking for a 3/4 bdr flat

We are a family of 3 looking to move to Amman by mid september, we are now in Madrid both journalists
Looking for a 3/4 bdr flat either semi furnished or ok for owner to remove some of it ( our things arrive end of October)
Rather in Jabal alweibdeh or abdoun area, somewhere one can eaisly go out and shop without mevessarily taking taxi
Aware that car is needed anyhow but that will be later
Plus daughter going to french school
If the building has some sort of a pool or an outdoor area then great ( jave a 3 year old and gotta keep the wild busy lol)
Coming to amman second week of august to visit

Tnx in advance to give me a heads hp if you hear of something

Best regards
Amel and Andre

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