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My Home Internet Experience (Amman)


I just wanted to share my experience with home internet in Amman.

After my husband and I rented an apartment and paid 6 months in advance, we found out we can only get a maximum speed of 2MB in our building. Since we work online, this was a deal breaker. We had to move to another apartment. Of course this time we learnt our lesson. So here are our tips:

1. Home internet speed is pretty much dependent on the building. For example, a building might have an internet speed of 2MB and the house across the street has 16MB. Before you rent an apartment make sure it's covered by JCS and/or Orange and ask about the speed you can get.

2. If internet speed and reliability is very important to you, then you have 2 options when it comes to companies ...Orange or JCS.
Don't bother with Zain and Omniah since they only offer 3G...We tried both and we were not happy with them. We didn't get the speed they said we'll get. Also, 3G has a data limit. But of course it depends on your internet requirements.

3. To check if the building you are interested in is covered by Orange, you'll have to provide them with a landline number in the building (ask the apartment owner or real estate agent for it). Any landline will do, as long as it's in the same building.
To check if the building is covered by JCS, you DON'T need to provide them with a number. You only need the address (building number and street name). I really advise you to go to their main branch. We once got inaccurate info from a smaller branch inside a mall. Orange and JCS have large branches in Al Rabiah.

4. As I said, fast internet is important to us due to the nature of our work. That's why we made sure the second apartment is covered by both JCS and Orange. So that if something goes wrong with one, we have the other option.

5. If a building is covered by JCS, then you can get speeds up to 40MB. On the other hand, even if your building is covered by Orange, the speed may vary (some buildings have a 2, 4 or 8Mb speed limit). So make sure you ask Orange about the maximum speed you can get in the particular building.

6. Sometimes the building is not covered by JCS, but the building next to it (or the one across the street) is. In that case, JCS can cover your building by extending a line to it. That's how JCS covered our current building.

7. Finally, JCS has monthly packages. On the other hand, with Orange it's a 1 year commitment (unless you get their 3G service).

If I remember anything else, I'll add it later.

Hope you find this useful.

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