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antisemitism in Europe / the Netherlands (Amsterdam)

I have been reading very disturbing articles about antisemitism on the rise in Europe, and the Netherlands in particular. I have read Jews are being assaulted and spit on in the streets. There is so much ugliness in the world already, so many serious problems. We seem to be losing what few gains we have made in terms of human civility and acceptance. Life is hard enough without all this hatred, hared that is usually directed at innocent people.

The articles site the large Muslim population and anti-Israeli policy as being the main reasons. Need I say the average Jew in Europe or America has nothing to do with Israeli policies. Many Israelis disagree with their own government policies.

One Dutch politician stated publicly that Jews had no future in the Netherlands.

This issue is making me rethink our decision to live in Amsterdam. It is very sad. My husband and I are good, caring people with a great deal to offer.

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