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Appeal for donations (Amsterdam)

Dear friends,

As you may have followed in the news, Pakistan is dealing with a refugee crisis of epic proportions at the moment. 1.5 million People are relocating from the war-stricken areas to safer havens: refugee camps set up by the government, international organisations and NGOs. However, due to the immensity of the crisis, the country is lacking the capacity and resources to receive the refugees.

As a half-Pakistani, I feel an intense need to contribute to alleviating the current crisis, and am therefore collecting donations on behalf of the Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation ( Protected content ).

I know how it feels to be constantly bombarded with good causes, and reasons to donate. To be honest, I would understand why you would disregard this email as yet another quest to get into your wallet. However, a one-time donation of:

€ 2 can feed an individual for a week,
€ 50 can feed a family for a month,
Protected content feed, provide shelter and medical care to a family for a month.

For you € 2 is a beer or a cup of coffee – for them it is survival.

I will be standing in the E-Hall of the Faculty of Economics & Business at the University of Amsterdam (Roeterstraat 11, Protected content to provide information and collect donations on:

28th of May Protected content 12:30 – 18:00
3rd of June Protected content 11:30 – 18:00

If you are unable to pass by, please feel free to donate directly to the bank account:

ABN AMRO Protected content , in the name of A. Raza, Amsterdam. Please specify that it is a donation.

I will be accepting donations until the 10th of June, after which I will be sending the money collected to the NGO.

Please know that I am personally responsible for this campaign, and will ensure transparency in its execution.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me: Protected content , or call me Protected content . I look forward to your responses, and a heartfelt thank you in advance for your interest.

Anya Raza

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