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Boardgaming/Wargaming (Amsterdam)

Calling all boardgamers - and cardgame players, for that matter. Amsterdam now boasts a store dedicated to gaming, on the Van Woustraat: Friends & Foes

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Naturally, it sells brand-new games off its shelves, but there is also an extensive shelf of games available to the visiting public to play on-site, at one of the many gaming-tables arranged throughout the store. Further, there is a small coffee-bar selling food and drink for cheap prices to keep you refueled.

Many of your old favorites are surely there, even on the public game shelf: Risk, Stratego, Scrabble, etc. The place is also heavily into "Eurogames," that is, German-style board games which involve many players working together in conflict/cooperation situations that do not rely on luck but rather require strategic thinking and planning to win.

I myself was once heavily into wargaming - i.e. simulations of historical military conflicts in game form. The store now offers me a place to play (you can bring your own games there) and a forum for finding opponents. I invite any wargamers, old or new, to get in touch. A selection of my own holdings (name - description):

Napoleonic Wars
Marengo - Napoleon in Italy
Wagram - Napoleon defeats the Austrians near Vienna
Napoleon's Last Battls - Napoleon fighting at Waterloo
Ney v. Wellington - Also the Waterloo campaign, this game is a bit more complicated than the others

American Civil War
Stonewall - Union vs. Confederates in the Shenandoah Valley

World War II
Arnhem - The Allied attack into the Netherlands in SEP '44
Cobra - Breaking out of the Normandy beachhead
Panzergruppe Guderian - The German attack on Russia
Panzer ' Protected content tactical-level game of armored combat in France in Protected content

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