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Health insurance questions (Amsterdam)

I arrived in Amsterdam one month ago. I'll will be starting to work in may. I read that it is required to have a dutch health insurance. However I am not sure to understand how it works.

there is the mandatory deductible excess of 350euros. It means that in any case we have to pay the first Protected content care expenses. Then, if I take the cheapest insurance at 83 euros per month for example, I'll have to pay the first Protected content before getting a refund of my care expenses? did I understand well? well, if I pay per month Protected content a more expensive one, I will have to pay the mandatory deductible exess and then I 'll get a refund.

What would you advise me? I am never sick, and for years I have never used medication or incured health care.

And how could I do to make a subscription? is it only online and on the phone?

thank you for your reply.

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