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Information On My Move to The Netherland (Amsterdam)

Hello All!

I am planning on moving to The Netherlands this summer of Protected content . Amsterdam to be exact. I have some friends out there that are helping with my move but I would like some more information on this board if possible. I am an American Citizen and I don't have a job lined up out in Amsterdam just yet. I figured it would be easier if I was out there already to find one. My profession is in the IT Technology field. I know as an American Citizen I have 90 days to stay there without any issues. My question is I want to stay longer then 90 days. How do I go about this and what forms might I need to fill out? Is there anything i can fill out here in the states beforehand? Am I allowed to live there without a residency permit? If not do I have a certain amount of time I can live there without having one? Much help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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