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Is this a good gameplan - moving to NL (Amsterdam)

Hi! Hoping you can help us work through our thinking with our move to the Netherlands. About us:

1. I'm 30, she's 29, and our daughter is 9 months old.
2. We live in the USA and are planning to move to Haarlem or Leiden by the end of the year.
3. We want to use the Dutch American Friendship Treaty since our backgrounds (self employed in real estate, work history in education and psychology) probably won't qualify us for a Skilled Migrant Visa.
4. Using the DAFT for our small, web-based side business would get us into the country, but one of us would like to have a full time job for extra security. We realize that'll negate the DAFT and, as a result, would only look for work that would grant us a work visa to stay.
5. Financials: we could take up to $50,000 with us, though we prefer to leave $20,000 in the states in case we fail at finding work and need to move back home.
6. We have 2 rental properties in the USA that we could sell in 2 years in order to fund the purchase of a home in the Netherlands if we decide to stay. In the interim, they will produce a total of about $500 in cash flow each month.

My questions are:

1. Does this sound like a decent game plan, or are there serious holes in my thinking?
2. Is it possible to find work as a resident of the Netherlands to obtain a visa, even if it's not "Skilled Migrant" work?
3. What is the best approach to immigrate, given our backgrounds and finances?
4. Is this enough cash to bring? We would rent outside of the city center, and have minimalist/humble lifestyles. We can slow or halt its depletion with our side businesses, but that income is highly variable (hence the desire for F/T employment).

Thank you so much!

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