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Let's talk about money... Two topics: Netto vs Bruto and Toeslag (Amsterdam)


- Netto vs Bruto

I've always wondered to know why in Netherlands is so important to know how much is a person's gross income. I mean, when someone offer me a job, the salary is always meant as "bruto" (gross), when, frankly, I don't care about that: I just want to know how much will be my "netto" salary. And the employer is always unable to give you this information.

From another point of view I could understand that if I ask for a mortgage, since they needs to know my bruto income, this information is important. But, again, is not important, to me, to know if I can survive till the end of the month.

- Toeslag

I know there is this thing called "toeslag" that somehow is supposed to provide me some refund of the taxes I pay, renting and maybe something else as well.
There is also a website ( Protected content ), with a form that can be filled online. Nice, but is in Dutch! ;)
And unfortunately, in my two years here, I've noticed that my Dutch colleagues doesn't like to waste their time helping. Therefore I gave up asking for that.
Anyone that is able to explain exactly that is that, how it works, what they need from us and how to fill the form or send a request? You know... would be nice to get some money back ;)


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