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Life Coaching via Skype/E-mail for €25 per hour (Amsterdam)

What can I do for you?
(1) I listen to the issues affecting you at your current stage in life. I try my best to help you improve your situation or solve your problems by providing an objective viewpoint.
(2) I take into account your personality and interests and more importantly, what you do wish to achieve via life-coaching with me.
(3) If you are unsure about what you want in life or where your passions lie, I can guide and facilitate the process of self-discovery.
(4) If you are stressed and overworked, I can help you re-evaluate your priorities and find that zest in life again.
(5) If you have emotional problems, I provide a non-judgmental listening ear and try to look at the problem from a different perspective and perhaps provide solutions.
(6) If you are not motivated to live a healthy lifestyle or are overweight, I hope to inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle by overcoming your mental blocks.
(7) Based on what you tell me, I provide guidance and suggest ways for personal development or motivation to move from the undesired situation to the life which you would like to lead.
(8) At the end of the day, all I really want to do is to help you live your best life. I want to inspire you to greater heights. In doing do, I have achieved my goal. Inspiring you is what I am passionate about. Nothing more, nothing less.

How can we work together?
I provide life-coaching via three methods:-
(1) Skype - where we have an hour webcam session in which we talk to each other. The cost is €25 per hour.
(2) Skype chat - if you prefer communicating or chatting via typing only. The cost is €25 per hour.
(3) E-mail correspondence - where you can send me e-mails and I would reply via e-mail. The cost is €25 every six e-mails; 3 e-mails written by you and 3 e-mails written by me.
(4) All payment is to be banked into my bank account one week before our life coaching session starts.

If you want more information, how can you contact me?

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