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MEANING of LIFE,bye KETISH WISEMAN..14-4-2014 (Amsterdam)


To hume it my concern.My name is JIM..I came to Amsterdam in 83..I went to Job centers to find a least 5 job centers,no joy.My Mother in law,Went with me to the same job centers,and i got totaly difrent responce,Because she was Dutch,\At this time i did not know my RIGHT,and after sining in i got a JOB,So from there on i got jobs,Not the most GLAMIOURST JOB,so I did them,And yes i was DISCRIMANETED ,,Just like the MOROCCANS,The first MOROCCANS to come here,Because the NEDERLANDER would not do this WORK..So me as IRISH is in the SAME BOAT as the MOEOCCAN,And these MORACCON were used as SLAVES,So to day the GRAND KIDS of these Moroccans KNOW what there Great grandfathers went through,and there not going to ACCEPT this,,So who do you BLAME for this,The DUTCH GOVERNMENT at the time,Did not do there HOME WORK at the TIME,now you are getting the PROBLEMS..Just like what happening in BRITAN,All the people from COMMONWEATH, are going to BRITAN,they want a BETTER LIFE...So you get RACEISEM...Your own FALTE for been GREEDY,,Me as an IRISH man i am LAUGHING at this,BRITEN is sliding down a SLIPPERY SLOPE..
I will POST more about my VIEWS..May the FORCE be with you...SLAAN...

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