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Relocation to Amsterdam

After reading your post I thought it might be a good idea to reach out to you. I am a Swiss American moving to Amsterdam from America with my American wife. Immigration doesn't seem to be a problem for me as I am european. My wife on the other hand may prove to be a bit more difficult? She intends to work while in Holland but doesn't have a job lined up as the govt needs to approve her a work visa. We will be living in Amsterdam for 1 year before moving to Groningen after the first year. I will be studying for 4 years and will be on a budget. We will be there on September 2nd. We are looking for relatively inexpensive housing, preferably a 1 bedroom with decent space. I understand it won't be big, I have lived in many major cities. We have 2 dogs. My school is right by the Heineken brewery and ideally we would like to live within Protected content by transit from the school. I am also interested in getting a student loan from a bank or the govt. I have been looking into that but I thought it wouldn't hurt to mention as you might have some suggestions. Thanks a bunch! I hope to hear from you soon!

Simon Demarmels

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