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Relocation to Amsterdam

Hi Everyone,

I am considering a job offer in Amsterdam.
I am currently living and working as expat in China.
I am married, and we have 1 kid.

In order to better evaluate the offer I received, I would like to know:

- What is a good salary for a senior project manager with 15 years of experience in the design & construction industry in Amsterdam? Searching in internet, I have seen very different figures.

- Is the 30% ruling always applicable if the salary is over the minimum requirements, and the other requirements (coming from abroad and having lived farther than 150km from Amsterdam) are met?
Is there a way to know before hand? I mean, this factor will substantially impact on the offer evaluation.

- What reasonable range for monthly expenses I should consider?
From my initial research, the most impacting expense will be the renting.
How much will be for a decent apartment for a family (80sqm) in a suburban town close to Amsterdam, well served by transportation?
The company office will be in Roeterisland district, and I am open to consider any location allowing 20mins commuting.

- Besides the basic salary, what are the traditional benefits included for expat jobs?

- Anything else I should consider?

Thank you very much everyone for the help.


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