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Searching for crazy men (maybe women)! (Amsterdam)

Hi everyone,
I'd like to find the coolest people in Amsterdam to socially misbehave a little bit.
This includes challenges like: Talk to random people, Talk to everyone on our way, do pushups in the middle of the street in front of strange people or group, approach girls and compliment them, Ask really stupid questions, ask direction to heaven, etc... whatever...
(I believe this kind of activity is more for cool guys, but girls are also welcome)

And occasionally do stg that is completely accepted by the society (drinking, clubbing, ...)

Let's see if there are fun expacts here in Amsterdam!

Update: We are gathering... I'll create a Whatsapp group to everyone interested. I'll contact you via connect/message here privately to exchange phone number. There we will negotiate the plan/place/time.

Cheers, Tamas

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