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Tax Exempting Offshore Savings and Investments (Amsterdam)

Arriving in Netherlands October Protected content cannot complete a digital tax return online, I have to fill out the physical hard copy M Form ( that the tax authorities posted to me after I requested it ).

As I am an employee with no dependents, most of form M is completely irrelevant ( shares, companies, freelancing, entertainment expenses, partners, children, handicapped people, divorce payments, forestry tax avoidance schemes, trading in life assurance policies....! ) so I have completed the 2 or 3 relevant pages out of 60 by myself.

However, I want to work out how to apply for offshore savings and investments to be exempt from tax. Do I need to do this for my Protected content ? If so, which question on form M would allow me to do this ?

Or can I wait until a full year Protected content ?

Since I have done most of the form already, I am trying to avoid paying up for professional advice this year. I am told that getting exemption for savings and investments is a simple question of ticking one box.

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