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Would strongly advice you to become involved! (Asunción)

* For the good of all of us, either expatriates in Paraguay, or Paraguayans who love friendship with international visitors ... you should participate as much as possible in the activities of Internations. It would be as successful as YOU help make it.

** For those who do not know, Protected content is free for most, those who prefer to be "albatross" members have to pay about $6 per month, yet I think is also a great way to get in contact with other expatriates.

** I just printed a full listing of members in Paraguay and came up with 120, of which 22 are Americans, 37 are Paraguayans, 6 are British, 10 are Germans, 7 Argentinians, 2 Uruguayans, 2 Colombians, 2 from Switzerland, 2 from the Netherlands,... and so forth. Many other nations represented, including Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Perú, Zimbabwe, Italy, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Cuba, Egypt, Chile, Armenia, Canada, S. Africa. Hope to see you soon! John (Juan) Xuna.

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