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Χ'ΜAS HILTON Photos (Athens)

Some of us can't find the picture of last event at HILTON on 18 Dec.
Please check this link : Protected content

Or click "Calendar" on the task bar then click the number "18" on the calendar, you will see the XMAS event and pictures are in this link.

The photographer of this is event is "Theodore" you can reach him by :
Theodore facebook is : "Theo Lian"
His phone is : Protected content

Note 1 : The picture of each event will appear as the event after couple of days. "Feel free to download your photos"
Note 2 : The photos of 2 previous main events seem to have me every where in the photos, next time will not try to be in the photos anymore ^_^.
Note 3 : If anyone not yet know what to do on New Year' Eve (Wednesday, 31 Dec) send me PM as I and a small group of my friends will go out party till late on that night!
Note 4 : I will be in Thailand around 10 Jan - Mid March Protected content anyone going to visit Thailand and need any advice for anything just let me know.


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