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Rajat Bhatnagar

Living in Greece, from India

"It is really good to speak and hear Hindi from time to time. With InterNations I got to know compatriots in Athens and Thessaloniki."

Amelie Barreau

Living in Greece, from France

"InterNations members are really helpful and provided us with valuable tips about the international schools in Athens."

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Welcome to the InterNations Community of Expats in Greece!

Yaku, and welcome to InterNations' expat communities in Greece! Designed to serve expat communities worldwide, InterNations can assist you in getting past the obstacles, challenges, and hassles of relocating to a different nation. Many of those who have made Greece home have made use of our various materials offering support and help while in the process of arriving in a new country with a new culture and different environment.

Though your InterNations membership, you'll be able to address any queries or questions making you nervous about moving abroad. Concerns such as, "what is the health system like in Greece", "should I live in Athens or a different city?", or "will transferring my money into euros be easy, and will my savings maintain their value in the process?" can, as well as the countless others that you may also have, be answered by fellow friendly expats who have the knowledge and experience to effectively respond to your queries.

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Learn More about Being an Expat in Greece

We offer a support network which can help increase your knowledge of the Greek culture, and what to expect when you arrive in the nation of the gods.

Greece truly is a sight to behold, with gorgeous landscapes merging with various historical sites of interest. From the Acropolis and Ancient Agora of Athens to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Greek culture is filled with a rich vein of interest which is sure to astound and intrigue.

Greece also boasts a wide range of beach resorts, such as the coastal destination of Santorini. If a party atmosphere is what you're looking for, Greece does not disappoint, with the party resorts of Mykonos sure to interest anyone looking for a drink, a dance, and a general good time.

Another fantastic location is the medieval village of Lindos on the island of Rhodes, with cobbled streets and a wealth of history really giving a sense of how history and beauty merge into one.

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Begin Building Your Network of Expats in Greece

InterNations provides a valuable platform for expats to chat in a friendly and enjoyable way online and also meet up in real life offline. Following the rules and ensuring that the environment remains friendly is hugely important in helping make sure InterNations remains the welcoming and nurturing place that it currently is. Ask about any subjects or queries you may have linking to your new life in Greece, from trivia facts to paper-based problems, such as obtaining a visa or permit. You might also want to take part in one of the many real-life events organized regularly in your community. Whether you live in Athens or Thessaloniki and enjoy rock climbing, historical sites, or beaches, there will be a get-together to match your needs.

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