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Elounda - Lassiti CRETE (Athens)

Hi All,

For 25 years I was a holiday rep and for the best part of this I lived in the Greek Islands. 6 years of that time I spent in Crete, In Elounda and Agios Nikolaus. I returned to England after the untimely death of 1st my parents and later my daughter.

I went down hill for obvious reasons and lost a lot of confidence to go back and pick up where I left off. That was 7 years ago but now I have booked a holiday for September to travel out to Elounda in the hope that the love I had for Elounda and Crete as a whole, is still there. (I'm sure it is .

Well Im Kate, Im 43 and worked in the Travel sector for years and loved every minute. I am originally from West Yorkshire but grew up in Sussex. Went to uni to get a degree in Travel & tourism and then "The world was my oyster"!!! I didn't go too far from home though. I lived in Greece, The CanaryIslands, Portugal and a stint in the french Alps but my true love is and has always been Crete .

I have no family in Eng lands now but many friends though I feel now is the time to start planning ahead for the future. At 43 Im not getting any younger and feel my health would benefit by moving back to a warmer climate.

However I know only too well the Problems that Greece is/was having economically and I don't want to just walk back in and expect to walk straight back into a job. As I said my confidence was knocked hard and so I want to do this slowly.

I am looking to make new brit friends who either already live in Elounda/Agios Nikolaus who could advise me and maybe sugest hotels/tour operators local to the two areas that I could email my details too.

I realise times are difficult so I wouldn't just hop on a plane and up sticks. I have instead booked a weeks holiday from Protected content September to Elounda and I would love to meet people on here who I can then meet up for coffee with.

Also If you are reading this and you are an employer I will tell you more about my professional background and maybe either yourself or someone you know may be willing to consider a position for me whe I eventually come out for good

As I said I have been in travel & tourism since leaving Uni.

As well as being a Holiday rep I have also been a hotel manager,

A sales manager for a large hotel chain, a house keeper (loved it!!), an estate agent in the Canary Islands which I enjoyed immensely (I know some people don't haha).

I am professional, loyal, committed to whatever I put my hand too and will ALWAYS go out of my way, and if necessary, Beyond, to try to help others. I believe I have great qualities and just looking for someone or a company who will give me a helping hand back on the ladder to living in the place I love most

I have no other children and no family now and though I am 43 I miss my mum and dad terribly and sometimes just wish I had an aunt to give me a hug and say as they said, Follow your dreams!! Anyway thats enough rambling. I hope I haven't bored anyone Oh and I still don't drive but love walking, unless it's Chania To Heraklion then thats where I would draw the line hahahehe. Have a great week one and all and I hope to hear from you soon!!

Regards Kate :)

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