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Family with baby moving from Bucharest to Athens


We are a Romanian-German couple with a baby moving somewhere around October to Athens from Bucharest. We would need all and any advice regarding life there, as none of us has ever been to Greece before.

First of all, does anybody have any experience with moving companies from Romania to Greece? We're talking quite a lot of luggage and even some furniture (2 bookcases, 1 baby crib, a table etc. but nothing big like a bed, couch or wardrobe).

Second of all, we would need a (partially or totally) furnished flat with 2 bedrooms or something similar, as we normally have a bedroom for us, one for the baby and we need a living room or a big kitchen where we can spend our time during the day. In Bucharest we have that for Protected content (rent only) and we would like to find something around that price (I understand prices are a bit higher in Athens, but it should not surpass Protected content . Kallithea is going to be our area of activity, so if it's in that area or some area from which Kallithea is easily reachable, it's even better.

I would also need to know which are the "good" and "bad" areas of the city, which places are affordable and low-budget in terms of shopping for supplies, nightlife, playgrounds for kids, furniture (in case we need it) and home-appliances. Another important thing is a good and cheap Internet provider and, similarly, a wireless carrier. We have had Vodafone so far, I don't know if that exists there, but I suppose so.

What banks are foreigner-friendly and do not practice high commissions? Also, which ones are international and offer benefits when you go abroad (like not paying extra when you withdraw from the same bank in another country). Is there a UniCredit Group or an ING Bank?

Please keep in mind the family factor when you give us advice, because it changes everything sometimes. I would also love to hear from expats who moved there with their families, please share some of your experience. And one more thing, we do not speak any Greek, but I speak English and French fluently and some Spanish, and my boyfriend speaks English and German fluently.

Finally, I will most likely be looking for a band, as well, I am a lead singer and a stay-at-home mom, so I will need a little help fitting in, since I won't have a job where I could easily meet people.

Thank you very much and I am looking forward to reading your posts.

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