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Help! Trapped in the electricity board Matrix (Athens)

Apologies in advance for being a tiresome newbie, if I've posted this to the wrong forum (I'm trying two places -- between them, one should be the correct place, right?).

My partner bought his flat in Athens three months ago, and hasn't been able to get the electricity turned on. His lawyer, real estate agent and contractor have all had turns dealing with the electric, and my partner has given them hundreds of Euros, with promises that the electric will be turned on.

It never happens. Instead, he's told "another 'fix', another hundred Euros please, and we can turn it on". Three months of this and no electricity. Has anyone else ever been through this craziness? What is going on?!

Thank you for any advice you can give us with this. Looking forward to getting to know everyone in this terrific community!

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