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Hi everyone ! (Athens)

Hi everyone,

I am a newcomer on Internations, so I felt a little hello would help.

I have been living and working in Athens for the last year, more or less. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to say these 12 months have been hugely beneficial to my Greek speaking skills... Still trying to learn, though !
I also didn't mingle much during this time so I hope I can meet with some new faces here and catch up on my socializing.

I hope the Athens community is still vibrant despite the rough times Greece is having. I will probably consult the website regularly to check on upcoming events and stay tuned to what's going on in Athens.

I hope I can also be of assistance to you. If you have a question about France, living in Paris, or French culture, please feel free to ask - I am French, by the way. If I don't know the answer I'll try to say something funny so that your time is not completely wasted.

I also started to log a few restaurant addresses (mainly in the center of Athens) for your reference - the kind of places where I feel you can get decent food, good atmosphere and maybe even both !

Best regards,


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