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Dr. Rath is an outspoken advocate for patient rights and for free access to natural health worldwide. His advocacy continues to be instrumental in preventing a global ban on natural health therapies on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. To protect their global market of patented drugs, this industry is seeking a global ban on preventive and therapeutic health information in relation to natural, non-patentable therapies by abusing the United Nations “Codex Alimentarius” (Food Standard) Commission.

" Fighting for a medical breakthrough against existing interests and dogmas is like sailing on the ocean," says Dr. Rath, "the wind that blows in your face becomes your compass." And he adds: "You don't have to be a university professor or Nobel Laureate; what counts is that heart attacks, strokes, cancer and many other diseases will essentially be unknown in the future."

In Protected content , Dr. Rath discovered the connection between vitamin C deficiency and a new risk factor for heart disease- lipoprotein(a).
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