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Internations' Events prices (Athens)

I've noticed that the fee for this week's event at 'Mojo' is now 10 euros for non albatross members (perhaps this has been the case for a while?) Doubtless this higher price is meant to 'encourage' albatross membership, but I find it somewhat distasteful in light of the current economic climate. For 10 euros I can have 2 (or even 3 or 4) beers out in Athens, depending on the location. Do others think this pricing is reasonable?

Saying that, I think Mojo is one of the better venues for an Internations get together. Is that 'free-drink' being offered actually free? As I recall from last time they actually did give a freee drink upon arrival, and then one was able to get another drink at the bar with the entrance fee paid. Is that the case this time around?

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