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Introducing you to Axion-Ellas (Athens)

Axion-Ellas is Non-profit Organization created by Greeks of the Diaspora living in Greece aspiring to bridge Greeks all over the world in order to re-instill our Greek ideals and pride of our heritage and to re-ignite the Greek "fire" and hope in realizing the vast unchartered potential in Greece.

As Ambassodors we intend to relay our message, just as the “flame” of our ancestors has traveled around the world, not only through social media but through the most effective and typical Greek way, of face to face and in person in order to maximize the awareness of the aspects of Greece’s potential in progress, laying down the foundations and bridging all Greeks across the globe to unite in spirit but also in knowledge and skill in reawakening the Greek dream and recreating a Greece we can be proud of once again.

Therefore, by featuring academians, researchers, technocrats, innovators, through our online portal we aspire to showcase a pool unexploited talent, ideas, business opportunities that may spark collaborations and foster investments amidst Greeks and Philhellenes across the globe.

Our online portal will also serve as a platform of positive news and information, other related initiatives and the opinions of our Ambassadors and endorsers from all over the world, further enhancing our motivational message.

We invite you all to follow us at the following and be the first to be informed on the official launcing of our portal site and on the various presentations being planned in cities all over the world.

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It is time for all of us to take "action" in promoting Greek "axion"!!!

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