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Kindness Credits (Athens)

Hello i am a minister of universal law and have lived in Ellada for 3 years establishing a local currency that supports local communities not dissimilar to the Totnes pound which some of you may be familiar with. We have been running pilot outlets in Ikaria and Samos and now have over 20 businesses using the kindness credit card within their business and many more creditors who exchange their euros into this alternative currency. We have our flagship post in Ikaria Evdilos on the main roundabout where people come and access organic food and local produce as a store. With a garden taverna and accommodation. We discharge the debts of the community in return for five hours a week of their time meaning they no longer have to slave for their money to pay their bills five hours a week of their energy covers it. On the first floor we have a bank called The Bank of House (Chaos) where we bank the chaos that using euros brings ( implied contract with a private corporation) and allows Kindness to flow as our currency instead. Im just the same way we would change our sterling to euros we convert the Euros to our other currency instead. 1 kindness credit is 8 euros but once the card is credited that 8 euros is worth now a minimum of 10 giving the user 20% of their energy back when used in participating outlets, in some outlets such as the garden taverna and the accommodation the 8 euro conversion becomes worth the same as 12 euros as the discount given is 50% as there are no liabilities of taxation, electricity bills, licensing or other debt to pay forward to the customer to cover. The tokens we use are small rocks that represent the equivalent of 50c containing the thumprint of the contributor these represent honey oil wine herbs organic grocery building teaching plumbing couriers activities that are given to is in return for standing surety to the families of our communities. It creates a freedom of employment and life style a healthy economy and stops supporting terrorism and illegal wars funded by the use of central bank currency. We are opening another major outlet in Samos as it has been so popular in Ikaria it has spilled over to the next Island and there are 10 business there already accepting the new exchange. Now we are heading to Athens and there will be a development in Peristeri in the upcoming months which we want to be able to assist as many people as possible on the mainland through. We will be holding meetings and there will be "employment" for anyone interested in getting involved. In short the customer with their Kindness credit card enters the shop and chooses their product or service they Pay with their card just like the days when you would have an impression taken from the Visa card. The card has tokens which are removable each one represents 1KC or 10 euros worth of goods with just the tax knocked off the shopkeeper writes a receipt saying zero euros 1 kindness credit with the account number and card name he gives the top copy to the creditor customer and keeps one for his records theb every week instead of doing their banking at alpha etc they come to The bank of chaos where the creditor exchanged his euros in his Kindness credit account he brings the receipt and the tokens and pays them into his Kindness credit account he then if he wants to put his energy back into the euro system for buying a ticket on Hellenic Seaways( they do not accept Kindness .. Yet but we are working on it ) can convert it back into untaxed euros .. How to free your life from slavery in 3 easy steps. See Protected content and send an email to Protected content we look forward to sharing Kindness with you all in the near future .. Filakias

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