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Our own bazaar (Athens)

An idea has manifested of us having our own bazaar. Since there are so many creative people amongst us, it shouldn't be difficult to gather together and display our talents.

We could advertise it to our friends and through social networks, we might be part of. Anyway, we can have a great time even if its just us and us!
any ideas on venue anybody???? Alexander is thinking of asking someone in Kiffissia who might have somewhere we can hold it. But it doesn't matter if its someones large basement, an unused 'apotheki' or a large lounge area. We thought about the weekend of the 10th/11th Dec.(either sat or sun) as the first weekend there are already lots of bazaars taking place around Athens.

All a bit last minute, but were the sort of people who like a challenge..... aren't we?

Best wishes

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