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Politics/ecconomics (Athens)

When my daughter was small, she was mad about elephants. At the zoo, the elephant bath was the high point of our visit. Her room was covered in toy versions, even on the duvet. When she sat down to watch a video, nine times out of ten it was Babar. All that is going on in the political and ecconomic arena reminds me of one in particular.

In this episode, one of Babar’s aids rushes in to tell the young elephant king that the rhinoceroses, led by Rataxas, are blockading their kingdom and demanding white feathers. Babar’s subjects begin rounding up mountains of white feathers from every corner of the kingdom, but as soon as they are delivered, the news comes back: Rataxas isn’t satisfied. He has no use for white feathers; now he wants fuchsia feathers.

Babar’s aid is despairing. How are they going to get hold of fuchsia feathers at such short notice?

‘We’re not,’ says Babar. He tells the aid to ignore this latest demand. ‘It’s not about white feathers. It’s not about fuchsia feathers. It’s about standing up to bullies.’

Personnally I don't believe we owe any ficticious (inflated) figures and certainly if we do owe something its not as much as to cost our very souls!


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