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Reminder: Great Parenthood Greece picnic Aug29 (Athens)

Great Parenthood Greece's
first picnic on
August Protected content - 2pm
National Gardens - near the playground

This shall be an occasion for great parents to get to know each other, socialize our kids, exchange info and above all, get out of the routine and have fun!

Feel free to bring your blankets, bubbles, balloons, munchies and drinks!

It shall be fun... hope to see you and yours there...

Website: Protected content
Great Parenthood Greece - We are foreign parents married to Greeks and we want more out of the daily grind of parenthood. Without a doubt this is the most challenging yet rewarding job we have ever taken! Our similarities and differences led us to act on the need to communicate several messages about our experiences as parents and residents of Greece. So we decided to create a newsletter and website to do this. Our main goal is to embrace great parenthood together.

Great Parenthood Greece - the Newsletter: bi-monthly; consists of personal experiences being shared and includes articles by experts (professionals in their fields), a mommy expert - what has worked for her in 18 years of motherhood, a daddy corner - the place to share the discoveries of being a father, recipes, child development issues, safety forum, useful gadgets, local events, jokes, a readers corner and more...

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