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Schengen Residence permit anyone? (Athens)


Hello folks! At these days and for well-known reasons, real estate market in Greece has become very attractive with thousands of excellent occasions through the whole country.
However, the purchase of a real estate property with a nominal value of € 250.000,00 or higher provides a unique privilege to foreign citizens, a five-year residence permit of the Schengen zone, renewable upon expiration.
ACQUISITION OF RESIDENCE PERMIT under Greek Law Protected content
In order to obtain in Greece a five-year residence permit of the Schengen zone by a third country ,citizen as well as by any family members, the completion of the following procedures are required by the Protected content / Protected content .
1. Obtaining a visa
A prerequisite for the initiation of the procedure, is to acquire a visa from Greek consular authority. For this procedure, which of course takes place in a third country, the required documents ( criminal record , health certificate , passport copies ) should be collected and presented by the candidate(s), who should represent himself(s) for the submission of their application to the consulate , otherwise give a proxy to his partner.

2. Tax procedures
Candidate shall , after the acquisition of the visa issue by the competent consular authority and before any other procedure, obtain a fiscal registration number (AFM) from foreign residents fiscal bureau of Athens .
3. Check of the property titles and related preparative actions of the deed.
Besides thorough control for the certification of ownership of the seller , absence of charges, claims and foreclosures , which will fully protect the foreign purchaser, those procedures prior to the transaction include the collection of various certificates such as energy class, non- arbitrary building, tax and insurance update etc , the preparation and submission of the property transfer declaration
4. The drafting and signing of the notarial deed
5. Transcription and cadastral survey of the new contract.
6. The process of issuing the residence permit under Article 36A / Law Protected content .
In this process are included the collection of numerous documents, the preparation and submission of relevant applications and the monitoring of license obtention.
CAUTION : Inter alia, a medical certificate from a hospital in Greece is required, for non- existence of contagious infectious diseases in the person of the applicant, whatever this implies in terms of time and inconvenience .
7. Legal and tax issues throughout the hole duration of residence permit.
The new owner should, after acquiring the property, make a single statement of property (E9) and annual declarations of revenue (E1 and - in case of lease of property - E2) , to pay fees and taxes on the property and submit an application for renewal of license within the termination, provided that he wishes so .
I’ll be glad to give more infos to anyone who is interested. Enjoy this sunny Sunday!

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