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WHAT DO MEN REALLY WANT......?? (Athens)

A good humoured Firoz Khimji posted on the world Forum the subject title " What do women want....??", back in May Protected content . To this day it is still running and has had Protected content and Protected content .

This is what he wrote:

Its been widely known...and accepted, somehow, that the woman is (arguably) the most complex biological creature on mother earth. Often times, the best amongst men have been left god smacked puzzled...and wondering what exactly the lady wants. The ball's in your court...

NOW I ask the same question of the Athens community - but in this case "WHAT DO MEN REALLY WANT.....??
It has been widely thought amongst us women that men are from another planet where they speak a different language altogether and they don't wish to learn any other (Well at least not fluently - just conversational level, in order to woo her in the beginning), that they like to confuse women, and once she has been conquered, they lose interest. Is this really the case, what do you have to say on this subject? Now the balls in your court.......

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