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What is it like to live in Athens as an expat?

Hi there!
I'm a Belgian breastfeeding counsellor, currently living in Istanbul with my husband and son (4years old). Because of the political situation in Turkey, we are considering moving abroad and are wondering if Greece would be a good choice. We would need an English speaking school for our son, to be close to the airport for my British husband and I would work as an independent. I've read the Internations articles about moving to Greece and I am looking for expats willing to share some tips or their experience. My husband would earn money in Turkey and I would do both home visits and skype sessions with breastfeeding moms.
Do people speak English? How big is the expat community? What does an expat's salary look like? (To know how much I could charge)
How much would we pay for a modern 3 bedroom flat close to the city but not too far from the airport? Could we use a Vespa to move around?
I guess Athens would be best but i am open to any tip really.
Thank you ?

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