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Our Latest Inter Nations get together! (Auckland)

Thank you everyone who came to the event! How nice to finally meet some of you whom I have been in contact with!
I do apologise that I was just away buying some chewing gum and snacks when some late comers came. so I was not there to grret you as you joined us. I thought it would be nice to have something to pass around to the team to munch on... I didn't get to buy the plates hence I only passed the beer nuts around.

To those who left earlier... those remained started coming up with some fun ideas for our next get together!

Some of the ideas are:
1) Bowling
2) Picnic
3) Dancing
4) Tenpin bowling then off to another place for some snacks and nibbles
5) International pot luck gathering
6) Meet up in Hamilton

I will upload some photos soon or the Inter Nations team will.

Please give me some feedback about today's meeting via e-mail to me.

Kind regards,

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