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Telecommunication Engineer (Auckland)

Hi there I am a telecommunication engineer looking for a job and visa sponsorship, yes I am in SUDAN now and I don't have work permit in NZ, it is a job and rescue mission at the same time :-).

Professional Courses & certificates:
 3GCN (third Generation of Mobile Core Network) CDMA, Shenzhen, China ZTE University Certificated.
 WCN (WCDMA Mobile Core Network) WCDMA, Khartoum ZTE office, ZTE University Certificated.
 3GCN (third Generation of Mobile Core Network) CDMA Level B, Khartoum ZTE office, ZTE University Certificated.
 PDSN (Packet Data Serving Node), Khartoum ZTE office, ZTE University Certificate.
 GOTA (Push to talk technology developed by ZTE), Khartoum ZTE office, ZTE University Certificated.
 ZTE certified Level-iii 3GCN engineering & troubleshooting skills.
 ZTE certified Level-iii project Management skills.
 CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate
 PMP exam preparation 35 hour training course, Malaysia APTECH
 Project Management Professional (PMP) certified from Project Management Institute, Inc. Egypt Aug Protected content .

 Arabic: mother tongue
 English: fluent written and spoken
ZTE Corporation, SUDAN Branch
SUDAN, Khartoum Manshia District. May- Protected content present
MTN SUDAN Turnkey rollout, Project Delivery Manager
• Customer requirements for execution collection.
• Project planning
• Communicate the project plan to all stakeholders.
• Identify responsibilities & work flow.
• Communication with customer’s project management team & subcontractors.
• Identify blocking points and escalating them in the right time.
• Arranging meetings & events with customers.
• Develop the internal process to speed up the progress and reduce risks.
• Technical Site Survey (transmission plus Radio).
• Site Acquisition until ready for construction (RFC).
• Civil work preparation (soil test, structure test, design & DO) progress flow-up.
• Civil work progress monitoring & control until ready for installation (RFI).
• Telecom equipments installation progress monitoring & control until site on air (SOA).
• Manage the quality team and the modification work until ready for primary acceptance (RFA).
• Fallow the maintenance team until SOA sites get accepted by customers.
• Fallow up the quality work to insure that all the sites get acceptance with the planed time frame.
• BTS & BSC Swap implementation progress monitoring
• 3G & PS expansion sub-project management.
• Monitor the weekly, monthly, quarterly targets.
• Analyze the project progress.
• Report the change requests and fallow up until finalized.
• Implement approved change requests.
• Working on blocking points to insure that the targets will be achieved as planned.
• Escalate to top management unresolved blocking points and explain the impacts.
• Monitoring change requests implementation.
• Monitor subcontractor performance and send the evaluation to outsourcing.
• Resource distribution and allocation.
• Risk analysis & risk mitigation.
• Performance evaluation for the project team members.
• Manage IOT as sub-project

ZTE Corporation, SUDAN Branch
SUDAN, Khartoum Manshia District. AUG- Protected content Now
Job title: Network Service Section Manager
Project: SUDATEL, SUDANI Mobile Operator Manage Service Contract & ongoing network expansions.
Job course:
 Manage the operation and maintenance of the core Network nodes, VAS & Data nodes.
 Manage the teams of Core/IP, VAS and Second Line Maintenance engineers.
 Ensure that all NSS, data and VAS faults and performance degradations in the network are correctly solved within the SLA timeframe or escalated to the next level of support.
 Follow-up on all open trouble tickets in the area of operation till closure
 Ensure that the correct number of skilled resources are always available for supporting the Network Operations
 Responsible for setting objectives and performance evaluation of the team
 Ensures that the team goes through a structured competence development program.
 Responsible for coordinating the technical support of 3rd party equipment
 Ensure that all nodes go through proper acceptance test process from projects to Managed Services at handover
 Ensure the enforcement of the change management process across the team
 Manage 24/7 call out Rota for Core, VAS and Data staff
 Ensure that all team members work within a safe environment and act in a responsible manner in line with company and customer values
 Ensure that fault reports are generated for all major faults in the area of operations for the customer.
Job title: Delivery Manager Jan Protected content DEC Protected content
Job course: SUDATEL, THABIT FTTx Trail Project Delivery Manager
 Engineering design and Survey report
 Approval of system plan, design, engineering design and survey report
 Equipment check and acceptance
 The 1st environment check of the each site.
 Installation of equipments provided by ZTE
 Develop and install software listed in the BOQ for the project
 Configure hardware, Software provided by ZTE
 Prepare detailed documentation for the system implementation
 Give the end user and technical staff the required training
 Verification of system configuration
 Test items
 Complete execution of system test
 Provisioning Acceptance Certificate

Job title: Core Network Technical Support Engineer SEP Protected content DEC Protected content
Project : SUDATEL, SUDANI Mobile Operator
Job course:
 Planning and Implementation for all CN nodes.
 Southern Sudan Core Network delivery Manager.
 System (HLRe, USPP, MSCe, GMSC, STP/MNP and MGW) software upgrade & Hardware expansion.
 Core nodes capacity planning management.
 Digital analysis configuration & numbering configuration.
 Interconnection with other entities and operators.
 Signaling configuration (R2, SS7, MAP, SIGTRAN, H.248, CAP/INAP, SIP, and BICC).
 Knowledge of IP routing protocols such as RIP, EIGRP, BGP, OSPF, etc.
 Route’s management and traffic distribution.
 Software upgrade & hardware expansion.
 Performance monitoring &analysis.
 Routine check and periodical inspection.
 CDR, Performance and configuration backup.
 Network performance or service level degrades analysis & troubleshooting.
 Core network data device’s (Cisco L3 switch’s & Routers, Juniper L3 Switches) operation and maintenance.
 VMS system maintenance.
Sudanese Telecom. Co. Ltd
Data cloud department, August Protected content Sept. Protected content
Khartoum, Sudan, SUDATEL Tower.
Job title: Network Eng. Trainee
Job course:
 Installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting, of enterprise networking equipment such as routers, hubs and switches.
 WAN technology exposure
 Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for banks
GAZIRA Hospital for renal diseases and surgery
SUDAN, Madani May Protected content July Protected content
Job title: Network Administrator
Engineering department
Job course:
 Supervise network performance & application running
 Performing all backup types.
 Monitoring and maintenance of Cisco Network devices.
 PCs troubleshooting.
 In charge of medical E-library office.
Supervision the outsourcing and providers companies.

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