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A piece of advice needed (Augsburg)

Hey there! My name is Arty. I'm Ukrainian and have arrived at Augsburg recently. I will be here for quite a while as am about to start my master's degree studying at the University of Augsburg. The problem that I've come across is that it is insanely hard to find a long term accommodation in this town. Maybe it is just me but I've been here for a 2 weeks so far and nothing. Though I've got a new friend whom I'm sharing this hard situation with and its two of us now who are on a verge of ending up being on a street. Although we've got an offer lately which looks a bit promising and we are waiting for it now. But if there is one thing that this whole situation taught me is that you can't be sure about anything.
Basically, we would like to rent a flat (1,5 , 2 or even 1 room may well work now) with rental price up Protected content extra cost (heating and all this stuff). So fellows, if you have any information that might help us out here, maybe you give a flat for a rent or your friends do, or maybe you know a good agency or reliable makler who can do it rather quickly, please leave your thoughts here. Any help would be highly appreciated. I'm really sorry for being that dramatic but the situation made me to
Thanks in advance. Hope to see you soon!

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